valentino cellupica

Brand manager, graphic designer, service designer and illustrator.
Solving problems with design.

What I do

01_Branding/visual identity/logos etc
02_Brand naming
03_Website design
04_Illustration [download PDF sample portfolio 3.8mb]
05_Service design
06_Design advice

What I’m up to

In the past I’ve worked with companies such as NatWest, NHS Wales, Ty Hafan, Welsh ICE and the Welsh Government. I like to do a bit of illustration too and I even illustrated a children’s book. ↗

Currently I work at Melin Homes as a graphic designer and managing the brand and its sub-brands. I also do freelance work for small and not-so-small businesses, not-for-profits, and personal projects.

Contact: ↗
or call +44 (0) 7922 869 215
@tinocellupica on Twitter ↗